Our services include:

Medium Voltage Cable TestingKabel Las

*Cable fault location and repair

*AC VLF Pressure Test

*Tan Delta Pressure Test

*Sheet Testing


Cable route identification

*Cable route identification on Google maps

St Andrews








Intermediate Systems

*(Step-up/Step down Systems)Step up Step Down

*Designing, supply, installing & commissioning of 1kV and 3,3kV intermediate systems

Substation Maintenance and Construction (MV Systems)

*Transformer maintenance

*Switchgear Maintenance

*Feeder Protection test

*Protection analysing and fault finding.

*MV Substation construction


Oil Purifyer1Oil Purification

Oil sampling for analyzing

Solar Farm Maintenance

Infra-red scanning, reporting and repair

Underground low and medium voltage reticulation

Pillar Box Wiring

Crushing of Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs/globes